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April 30, 2011

Finding Balance - Offering More

I appologize for my lack of posts the last few weeks.  I have been working hard on finding a balance between family, work, and blogging.  I really enjoy sharing recipes, crafts, and frugal ideas through this blog for a number of reasons:

1. It motivates me to be a better person.
2. I am encouraged to try new recipes so I can share them with you.
3. I am more likely to make the time for all the craft ideas I have if I have someone to share my success (or failure) with.
4. I enjoy sharing frugal living ideas.  Writing out what I am thinking helps me know how to act on my thoughts.
5.  I hope that in sharing these things I can motivate others to reach family and financial goals.

As I have struggled with balancing everything, I discussed it with my sister and we came up with a solution.  My sister currently blogs at Saving a Bundle.  As a mother of 4, she has also been working on balancing family & blogging time.  She wants to give her readers more personal posts & frugal living tips, but she does not have more time to dedicate to the blog.  She currently posts hot store deals & coupons. Our solution-  starting Monday I will be writing on Saving a Bundle.  I am very excited for this opportunity.  I will no longer be blogging on The Coupon Basics, but I hope that you will continue to follow my frugal living adventures through Saving a Bundle.

 Here are a few things I will be adding to Saving a  Bundle:

Monday: Menu Plan
Wednesday: The Best deals at Smith's & Albertsons
Thursday: Recipe
Friday: Frugal Tip
Craft Idea
Do It Yourself Idea

I am excited about this new direction.  I believe that as a team Natasha and I can work together to offer you, as our readers, much more.  Our goal is to encourage & help you find great deals at the store & online, and explore ways to live a more frugal lifestyle.


  1. Sad to see you go, I love your blog! But the babies come first, and time is sparse being a momma! I will be following you on the new blog!

  2. Thanks for your support Kelcie! let me know if you ever have an suggestions or things you would like to see me post about. :D