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January 11, 2010

Saturday Budget Check- Better late than Never!

Sorry I am a little late with this post!  I spent all last week trying to catch up from our week and a half vacation.  It has been so fun to spend time with friends and family, but I am definately behind.

Because we were so busy, I did the majority of my shopping on Saturday (for my Sister in laws birthday dinner).  We ate out of our pantry during the week, then stocked up on essentials at the weeks end.  I will be reporting more on a few things I have learned from the Eat from the Pantry Challenge so far later in the week. 

This week we spent a grand total of $15.00 (even, isn't that neat?). I was not terrible impressed with the deals last week, so our left over budget money will be saved for a good deal later on.  Here is a brief overview of where our budget was spent:

(2) Oreos
(2) Neosporin Lip Balm
(2) Gallons Milk

Register Rewards Spent: $5
(Spent meaning I did not buy products that gave me additional RR)
Total OOP $0.80

(2) Koolaid packets
(1) Hambuger Buns
.5 lb Tomatoes
.53 lb Onions
1 lb Carrots
Total OOP: $5.50

3 lbs Hamburger Patties
Baking Powder
Total OOP: $8.70

Grand Total $15.00

This week is actually a great example of the bennifits of Stockpiling.  We were able to eat all week without going to the store for ingredients (except for milk).  Not only did this save us money (because we bought our stockpile items at rock bottom prices), but it also saved us time when I really did not have any to spare!  I will be watching for some good stockpile prices to use my extra $10 on later in the month!


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