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January 5, 2011

My Grocery Budget Goals 2011

My Goals for Our Grocery Budget in 2011

1. Stick to a Budget of $120 Per Month. With a new baby we are sure to have many more grocery expenses.  My goal is to spend $120 or less each month.  Last year we did pretty well overall at sticking to $100 per month.  I will evaluate how we are doing on the $120 half way through the year to determine if I am able to meet my other grocery budget goals with that amount.

2. Challenge Me.  My goal is to have just enough in the budget.  Our overal budget is very tight in order to save as much as we can.  Many of our budget categories are pre-determined amounts (like rent), while I can change my grocery spending.

3. Encourage a Healthy Stockpile.  Allow me to buy all the groceries (food, personal care products, and household items) that our family needs for that month and stock up for future months. (When I can get items cheap or free, I try to get enough to last us 3 months as long as it fits in our budget.)

I am definately not perfect at sticking to our grocery budget.  Several times last year we did go over our grocery budget in order to stock up on items that were on a great sale.  In order to do this, we took money from other budget categories that month to pay for the extra groceries. 

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