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November 11, 2009

Why use Coupons?

Is it really worth it?

For me the answer is YES! But each person must decide for themselves. It takes a little extra time and effort, but can be a huge source of savings.

Natasha wrote a great post called 10 Reasons to Coupon. Follow the link to Saving a Bundle and see if you think it is for you!

A word or two for Single College Students
For many of you, the word coupon is linked to an image of a mom with 3 kids taking hours to check out at the grocery store. I would like to change that. As Natasha mentioned in her post, there are many levels of couponing. You might not have room right now to stock up on food or personal care products, but you can save money on things you use everyday. I will be posting more tips and tricks to using coupons on different levels- don't put it aside as something won't help you till you try it a bit!

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