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March 19, 2011

Gratitude for the Simple Things

Today I am grateful for my cookie scooper. This simple tool allows me to make a batch of evenly sized cookies without extra effort or getting my hands dirty.  I am also grateful because today it reminded me to be grateful.

I am grateful for all the little and not so little things that I take for granted.  I am grateful for modern technology and the time it saves me as I go about my everyday tasks.

I am grateful for my washer and dryer.  I cannot imagine washing all of our cloths by hand.  I definitely would not be using cloth diapers.

I am grateful for my bread machine. I can throw all the ingredients in the machine, leave, and come back 2 hours later to hot bread.

I am grateful for my laptop and the internet.  With these I am able to remote in to my office computer and work without leaving my house.
Yes, thank you cookie scooper for 3 dozen beautiful chocolate-chip-oatmeal cookies, and reminding me to be grateful for the simple things.


  1. Ha that's funny I recently got a cookie scooper and I love it too! It makes it so much easier. And definitely with you on the washer and dryer, I don't even do cloth diapers and we do like 10 loads a week! But thank for the note on gratitude, it is always a good thing to ponder. ;)

  2. I guess I need to get one of these scoopers!