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March 25, 2010

Daniel's Chicken & Rice

Ok, this may not be the best way to display this, but it is so good!  When Daniel & I were dating, this was the one meal he knew how to cook.
(2) Cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
Milk (fill cans 2/3)
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce
8-12 small or cut Chicken Breast
3/4 cup Cheese

Mix 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup, Milk (2 cans 2/3 full), Worcestershire Sauce, and Soy Sauce. 

Place chicken breasts in the bottom of the 9x13 pan.  If we are feeding 4-6 people, we fill the bottom of the 9x13 pan.  If we are just feeding 2-4 people, we use around 6-8 pieces of chicken.

Pour sauce mixture over chicken.  Sprinkle the top with cheese. Bake @ 350 for 45 min.-1 hr.  The cheese on the top should be dark brown.


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