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March 9, 2010

Smith's- Cart Buster Savings Event- Now till 14th!

There is a great sale going on at Kroger Family of Stores this week! 
For me that means Smith's, but Kroger Family of Stores includes Kroger, Ralph´s, King Soopers, City Market, Dillons, Smith´s, Fry´s, QFC, Baker´s, Owen´s, Jay C Food Stores, Hilander, Gerbes, Food4Less, Pay Less Super Markets and Scott´s Food & Pharmacy.

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Cart Buster Savings
There are a lot of items & a lot of coupon match ups in this sale!  I know that I have not listed all of them, I need to rest my fingers- I will add more as I find them! Be sure to check your P&G Newspaper insert for great coupons for this sale. 

Tide Laundry Detergent $5.88
20-32 Load Liquid, 40 Load Powder or 18 Count or 23-36 oz. Stain Release, All Varieties
$0.35 Tide Detergent P&G Insert 2/07
$1.00 Tide Stain Release P&G Insert 2/07
$.75 Tide Detergent Smart Source 2/21

Downy or Bounce Fabric Softner $4.99
Liquid 48-52 loads Downy or 100-120 Count Bounce Sheets
$.75 Downy P&G Coupon Booklet
$1.00 Downy Liquid P&G Insert 2/07
$0.50 Downy Fabric Sheets P&G Insert 2/07
Charmin Bath Tissue $5.99
6 Mega Rolls or 12 Big Rolls
$.50 Charmin P&G Coupon Booklet
$1.00/2 Charmin P&G Insert 2/07

Bounty Paper Towels $5.99
6 Big Rolls or 8 Regular Rolls
$1.00/2 Bounty P&G Insert 2/07

Pantene Hair Care $2.97
$2.00/2 Pantene P&G Insert 2/07

Secret or Old Spice Deodorant $1.88
$.50 Secret Deoderant P&G Coupon Booklet
$.50 Oldspice P&G Coupon Booklet
$1.00/1 Old Spice Deodorant P&G Insert 2/07

Gillete or Old Spice Deodorant, Hair Care or Body Wash 3 for $10
$.50 Oldspice P&G Coupon Booklet
$1.00/1 Old Spice Deodorant P&G Insert 2/07

Cover Girl Cosmetics %25 Off

Always or Tampax $5.49
20-100 Count, Select Varieties
1.00 Tampax P&G Coupon Booklet
$.75 Always Ultra Thin P&G Coupon Booklet
$1.00/1 Always pads P&G Insert 2/07

Crest Toothpaste or Mouth Rinse $4.49
6.2 oz. Twin Pack Toothpaste or 1 Liter Rinse
$.75 one Crest P&G Coupon Booklet

Pampers Diapers or Wipes $8.99
$2.00/1 Pampers Cruisers P&G 2/21
$1.50/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants P&G 2/07
$0.50/1 Pampers Wipes P&G 2/07

Duracell Batteries $1.99
$.75 Duracell Batteries P&G Coupon Booklet

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid $1.99
$.50 Any dawn P&G Coupon Booklet

Cascade Complete Dishwasher Detergent $5.99
$.75 Any Cascade P&G Coupon Booklet

Olay Skin Care %25 off Regular Retail
$15 Mail In Rebate When you buy 3

Prilosec OTC $18.99
28 Count

Refrigerated/Frozen Foods
Yoplait Multipack Yogurt 2 for $4
$.80/2 Yoplait Products (Coupons.com)

Pillsbury Dough Sale 4 for $5
$0.40/2 Sweet Rolls e-coupons via Cellfire & Shortcuts

$0.50/2 Crescent Rolls e-coupon
$0.30/2 Grands! Biscuits e-coupon
$0.30/2 Grands! printable (Coupons.com)
$0.40/2 Sweet Roll Printable (Coupons.com)
$0.50/2 Crescent Roll (Coupons.com)

Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookie Dough 2 for $4

Pillsbury Savorings Pastry Bites $2.79

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries $1.99
$.50 Betty Crocker

Old El Paso Dinner Kits 2 for $4

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.28
$.50 Printable (Coupons.com)

Better Crocker Warm Delights 2 for $3
Use $.50/1 Printable (Coupons.com)

Romano's Macoroni Grill Restaurant Favorites or Wanchai Ferry Meal for Two 2 for $7

Wanchai Ferry Dinners $5.99

Totino's Pizza Rolls $2.79

Totino's Party or Pizza Rolls 10 for $10

Other Items
Progresso Soup 10 for $10

Green Giant Vegetables 2 for $1

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.79
*Catalina Alert*
Buy 3 Get $1.50 OYNO
Buy 4 Get $2.50 OYNO
Buy 5 Get $3.50 OYNO
$0.50/2 Fruit Roll printable (coupons.com) and (Smart Source)
$0.50/2 e-coupon from via Cellfire & Shortcuts
$1.00/2 Fruit by the Foot Betty Crocker Coupon Book
$.40 Fruit Shapes e-coupon
Pay as low as $4.66 for 4, earn $2.50 OYNO Catalina = $0.79 a box

General Mills Cereal $2.99
$0.55 Reese's Puffs Cereal printable (Coupons.com) and (Smart Source)
$0.55 Chocolate Cheerios printable (Coupons.com) and (Smart Source)
$0.55 Lucky Charms e-coupon

$0.75 Multi Grain Cheerios e-coupon
$0.55 Reeses Puffs e-coupon
$0.55 Honey Nut Cheerios e-coupon
$1.00/2 Cheerios Betty Crocker Coupon BookPay as low as $1.34 a box if you use both coupons

Betty Crocker Frosting or Pouch Cookies 2 for $3
$0.50 Frosting e-coupon

$0.50/2 Frosting and Cake Mix
$0.50 Frosting printable
$.40 Pouch Cookies e-coupon via Cellfire & Shortcuts
$.40 Pouch Cookies Printable (Coupons.com) and (Smart Source)
$1.00/2 Frosting Betty Crocker Coupon Book
$1.00/2 Pouch Cookies Betty Crocker Coupon Book
Pay $1.50 for Cake and Frosting!

Twin Pack Hamburger Helper or Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes $1.68
$0.40 Specialty Potatoese-coupon via Cellfire & Shortcuts

$0.40 Specialty Potatoes printable (coupons.com) and (Smart Source)
$1.00/2 Specialty Potatoes Betty Crocker Coupon Book

Gold Medal Flour 2 for $3
$.75 Gold Medal Flour Coupons.com

Nature Valley Granola $2.29
*Catalina Alert*

Buy 2 Get $1.00 OYNO
Buy 3 Get $2.00 OYNO
Buy 4 Get $3.00 OYNO
$.40 Nature Valley Granola bars Printable (Coupons.com)
$0.40 Nature Valley Bars e-coupons Cellfire & Shortcuts

Fiber One, or Chex Mix Bars $2.29
$0.60 Chex Mix Bars printable

Pringles Super Stack 4 for $5
$1.00/2 Pringles P&G Coupon Booklet

Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix 10 for $10

Betty Crocker Premium Brownie or Muffin Mix 2 for $4
$1.00/2 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix Betty Crocker Coupon Book

Chex Mix or Bugles 2 for $3
$.50 Any Chex Mix Printable Coupons.com

Old El Paso Taco Shells or Refried Beans 10 for $10

Other Good Deals
Skim    $1.59
1%      $1.69
2%      $1.79
Whole $1.89

Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dips 10 for $10

Reese's, Hershey's or Kit Kat Candy 10 for $10

Sunny D 64 oz. $.79 ea.

Extra Lean Ground Beef $1.89/lb

Thanks Saving a Bundle for help with compiling some of these deals!

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  1. I stocked up on Green Giant Steamers. Thanks!