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May 28, 2010

We get a Garden!!

Last summer Daniel and I took part in a community garden.  We both enjoy working in the garden, and it we love having fresh produce to eat!!  When we moved to Idaho Falls, we did not think that a real garden would be possible.  I had made tenative plans to grow a few things in pots.

Last week I talked to our manager, and she said we could dig up some of the grass to create a garden!  Some of our neighbors have already done it, so we will just be expanding the existing garden.  I am so excited.  I will have a 10x10 plot of ground to plant in.

Here is what we plan to grow this year:
Peppers (2 kinds)
Yellow Squash
Green Beans

I am so excited.  We hope to freeze corn in the fall and can tomatoes and green beans.  I guess we will see if we have green thumbs or not.

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