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August 28, 2010

A Good Life

Daniel and I recently realized how lucky we are   We have steady work and money in savings.  We have the ability to leave on vacation for a week and a half and not worry about anything. We have no debt to worry about- which is very liberating.  We have everything that we need.

Living within your means
We realized that this is the freedom that comes from living within your means.  When we are good stewards of the money that God has blessed us with, we are able to have financial peace and the freedom that comes from that.

We are planning to attend veterinary school sometime in the next few years.  We are saving as much as we can toward that, but we will aquire some student loans.  Though I am not excited about taking on debt, I am not afraid.  I know that we have a plan and goals that will get us out of debt as quick as possible. 
We are so blessed as a couple to have similar ideas about money.  Budgetting is a constant learning proccess, but we are able to work together and learn together.  Saving money and staying out of debt is a team effort- and I am grateful for an awesome teammate!

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