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September 10, 2010

Find Joy in the Journey

Daniel and I went on a beautiful relaxing camping trip & hike last weekend. As we began our hike, I stopped quite often to take pictures of us and the scenery along the trail. Daniel made a teasing comment that we could take a lot of pictures, but we were not going to get to our destination very quickly.

I realized that sometimes our destination becomes such a big focus that we forget to enjoy the journey- not only while hiking, but in the frugal life of budgets and saving.

We live on a very strict budget with the goal of getting through vet school with as little debt as possible. Once we get in to vet school, hopefully next fall, we will have 4 years of life as a vet school student and family. We will not have a lot of extras and we will try to live on next to nothing. But over the course of the next 5 years, we will take breaks from coupon shopping, we will splurge on an occasional treat, we will save money for family trips, and we will find joy in the simple things in every day life.

The amazing part of working towards being debt free and living on a budget is the freedom that comes from it. Everyday I gain a greater love for the power of savings and being self reliant. We can save for Vet school, we can save for our new baby, and we can also save for vacations and fun family activities. It is important to use your budget to plan your life completely- including the fun as well as the necessities.

Don't get so caught up in budgeting that you forget to add a few dollars to the fun fund. Enjoy the journey of life. Make time for the things that you and your family love. Time goes by too fast to live only for the future.

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