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November 26, 2010

Black Friday Walgreens Trip- Success!

Total Paid: $13.07 (5.02+8.05 tax!)
Register Rewards to Start: $3.00
Register Rewards Left Over: $11.00

I made it to Walgreens today- and they had everything I wanted- Yuppee! Here is a list of what I was able to get:

(1) Advil PM $0.99
Earn $.99 RR
(3) A&W Root Beer $0.99
Earn $.99 RR
(3) Bic Soilel Razors $0.99 after Coupon 
Earn $2.00 RR
(3) Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.00-$2.25 after Coupon
Earn $3.00 RR
(1) Covergirl Mascera $2.99 after Coupon
Earn $2.00 RR
(1) Cottonelle Toilet Paper $3.99 w/ in add Coupon
(2) Herbal Essence Hair Care $0.49 after Coupon
Earn $1.50 RR
(1) Herbal Essence Hair Care $2.00 after Coupon
Earn $1.50 RR
(3) Hydrogen Peroxide $.25 ea. w/ in add Coupon
(6) Kleenex 110 Count $.79 ea. w/ in add Coupon
Earn $3.00 RR WYB 6
(2) Olay Body Wash FREE WYB one Secret
Earn $2.50 RR
(2) Old Spice Body Spray FREE WYB 2 Secret
Earn $4.00 RR
(2) Secret Body Mist $3.50 ea.
Earn $3.50 RR
(4) Secret Deoderant (Trial Size) $0.99
(1) Sunkist $0.99
Earn $0.99 RR
(1) ThermaCare Heat Wrap $1.50 after Coupon
Earn $2.50 RR
(12) Tuf Paper Towels $0.49 ea. w. in add Coupon

Total we did 8 transactions (I will spare you the details) and bought 48 items!  We are in California visiting family and tax here is higher than Idaho.  I ended up spending $8.05 in tax.  My actual cost ($13.07 Out of Pocket+$3.00 RR spent -$11.00 RR Remaining) is only $5.07!  I hope to use the Register Rewards I have left over on good sales over the next few weeks. 

For now we are stocked up on paper towels and razors and have a good stock of other essentials.  I love coupons!

See a list of the Walgreens Black Friday Deals here.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you were able to get what you wanted!

    I haven't tried Old Spice deal yet, maybe I'll go out again tomorrow! Have fun in California!

  2. Good work on your trip too! I went back this evening to get a few more P&G products so that I can submit the rebate. The $20 rebate will more than pay for my out of pocket cost today- Yeah! Thanks for posting about it.