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January 12, 2011

Crafting- Baby Storage Crates

I have not had any weird food cravings during my pregnancy, but I have had the intense desire to make things for our baby.  I don't have a lot of tools build things, so this left me a little distressed. 
One day I decorated the small blocks (above) using letters and pages from magazines & modge podge.  I thought they turned out cute, and it was free.  I already had modge podge, the small blocks (scraps from a different project), and free copies of BABY Magazine to cut up for paper.
Over Christmas break I spent some time in my dad's wood shop to build a few projects for me to work on.
Daniel and I have been trying to organize all of our baby supplies, so I built these crates using scraps from my dad's wood shop.
I painted the inside brown and striped the outside with brown, green, and blue.
Then I made stencils.  I printed the letters & numbers I wanted to use on a piece of card stock.  Then cut out the part I wanted to paint on and used the outline as my stencil.
I thought they turned out pretty cute! 
They helped me organize my stockpile of wipes.  Now we ready for our baby. :)


  1. LeaDawn, All of these are too cute! You have such great style!

  2. Thanks Bridgitte! I had fun making them. :D

  3. Aw, how precious! Love the blocks and the colors are the crates are great!

  4. Those are so cute & I love the colors you used! Hang in there!