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January 25, 2011

My Quick Painting Project Gone Wrong

You have seen pictures of the shelf where our baby stuff is stored. It was a deep red color, which was fine in our room.
Last week I wanted to move it to the babies room, so I decided to paint it white.  We had some white paint from touching up our walls that I could use.  Unfortunately, it did not go like I had pictured.
Yup, it turned pink!  It looked fine right after I painted it, but when it dried the white paint had soaked in  pigment from the red.  This would be great if we were having a girl- but would definitely not do for our little boys room.  After adding 2 more layers of white, I gave in to my failure and realized that the pink would not be covered up by the white.  So, I decided that I would paint it brown instead.
It turned out ok in the end- but took 3 times as long as I had planned! 

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