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January 13, 2011

Preparing for Baby- Question for Readers

We are now weeks away from my due date- which means our bundle of joy could arrive any day!  As new parents, this is both exciting and terrifying.
The last few months we have tried to prepare for the transition by setting aside money for unexpected baby expenses, deciding to use cloth diapers to save money, and freezing a few meals for when I don't feel like cooking.

We have tried to stock up on a few baby essentials, but our stockpile is not very diverse.  My goal has been to have most of the essentials so that I do not have to run to the store with my new baby.  The problem we are running into is we don't know what we will need to take care of a newborn! 

So, I am asking for the advice of you experienced mothers.  What are some items that you did not realize you would need or found helpful in taking care of your new baby? 


  1. Mylicon drops aka gas drops, and saline nasal drops and a digital thermometer for rectal use. Those things are things you will probably need and won't think of til you call your pediatrician with a question. Good Luck!!

  2. Baby lotion. We got some, but the cheaper kind and my baby's skin was so so dry. We bought the Aveeno Soothing Relief lotion, but it comes in a little bottle and so we run out a lot. Also batteries if you have a swing or vibrating bouncer, it is really hard to keep the baby happy if they are used to that and the batteries are dead!

  3. If you are nursing and using cloth diapers, there is very little you'll have to venture out for. Definitely the mylicon and other things mentioned above. Also things like nursing pads and lanolin if you are nursing. A breast pump is an awesome thing to have.. definitely not a true necessity, but if you have issues with engorgement it can be a huge relief. Most of the stuff is "precaution" stuff, but if you happen to need it, it's better not to have to go get it.

  4. I would definately have to say nursing pads. you'll be surprised at how many you go through in the beginning before your body regulates to how much your baby eats. and those are the worst to run out of, almost as bad as diapers! also, have a few different diaper creams on hand because you may like one kind over another with your baby. don't forget the baby nail clippers! we lose our quite often so we always have to have a few pairs in hopes that one can be found at any given time. good luck!!