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February 6, 2010

Saturday Budget Check

Time to report how I did with my $25 a week grocery budget! We definately did not go over this week... mostly because I skipped shopping all together!  It has been a very busy week- so I did not go shopping.  That is definately one of the benefits to having a stockpile! 

Daniel did go to the store Friday to pick up a few essentials & ingredients to make ice cream.  He found whole milk on clearance because it was close to the expiration date-only $1.60 for a gallon!  Here are the details of his trip:

Daniel's Trip to Broulims
(2) 1/2 gallons of Whole Milk $0.88 ea.
(2) Pints Whipping Cream $0.79 ea
1 Gallon 2% Milk $2.16
1 Dozen Eggs $1.24

Total Spent: $6.97

We have several bulk purchases we would like to make this month, so the extra money in our budget will go towards that.  I have shopping trips planned to Broulims and Albertsons Monday to take advantage of a few of this weeks sales.

The Road to a Debt Free Education
As I mentioned in my monthly evalutation at the end of January, we have also been researching & experimenting with more ways to earn money on the internet while Daniel continues his job search.  I will be posting more about our findings and new goals next week.


  1. Great job! and good luck on the search, keep us posted!

  2. Good job on saving money! And don't forget, you can freeze milk. Just pour 1/2 c. out of the container, put the lid back on, and freeze it. To defrost, put it in the refrigerator the night before you need it.

  3. You can freeze milk?!! I thought it would go bad. We will definitely have to try that.