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February 8, 2011

My First Sewing Project- A Nursing Cover

I finally completed my first sewing project on my sewing machine! 
I decided to attempt to make myself a nursing cover.  It was a very simple project which was just what I needed to practice using my new sewing machine.  I followed the free tutorial at mamamonster.blogspot.
I started it the night I went into labor.  That put my project on hold, so I finally finished it today.  I am proud of my little accomplishment.  I spent $2.44 on the yard of fabric & $1.75 on boning.  I used D rings from an old belt, so I am not sure what they would cost. 

I think I will watch for sales on cute material.  A nursing cover would make a useful, innexpensive baby shower gift for some of my expecting friends.

Do you have any ideas for another simple sewing project I could try?

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  1. I think the easiest baby items to make are receiving blankets and burp cloths, then once you are more comfortable and want to try curves, bibs are easy too. you just sew them together wrong sides in and leave a little gap about 4 inches or so (depending on the size of the item) then flip them right side out, iron it flat to set the crease, then do a zig-zag stitch around the outside edge, which will also close the hole you left open. easy peasy and you can make them matching! I love getting the snuggle flannel at JoAnns, they often have good sales on it so I can make a full recieving blanket as a gift for $5. what shower gift can you buy for $5? not much! I love being able to choose my own fabrics, and Joanns has tons of cute stuff and great sales!