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March 22, 2011

Question for the Readers: Homemade Treats & Self Control

I love making homemade cookies, brownies, and other treats almost as much as I love eating them.  I usually try not to have a lot of homemade goodies sitting around to avoid the temptation of eating too many.  When I worked out of the home, the solution was to simply leave them at home.  That way I was not tempted to munch on sweats throughout the day.

The birth of our son turned this into a real dilema.  I now am home 90% of the time, and I have a few extra pounds I would like to loose.  As a nursing mother, it seams like I am constantly wanting to snack- and sugary treats are very tempting, but definately not the healthy option.  How do you resist the sugary goodness?

Here are a few things I have done to try and keep my snacking healthy:
- I try not to make a ton of treats, but my husband loves the snacks for his lunch, and he could use the extra calories.
- I try to have a few healthy snacks accessable (string cheese, apple slices...)
- Drink plenty of water so that I don't confuse my thirst with hunger.
- I allow myself to have a sugary sweet in the evening.  Throughout the day I remind myself to save those calories for later.

I would like to find more healthy, homemade snack options that I could substitute for the more sugary variety.  Do any of you have a good healthy, yummy, homemade snack recipe?

What solutions have you found to this dilema?

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  1. I hope people post on this, I am in this dilemma as well. I am breastfeeding and always hungry too! I have broken down and bought some diet soda, I know its not a great option, but if it keeps me from eating chocolate chips all day, I figure its ok. Good luck!