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November 10, 2009

Hints and Tips to Coupon Printing

One of the easiest ways to get coupons is to print them off the internet. There are several reputable coupon printing sites, Here are some of my favorites:
Most of the coupon links you will find on this blog and other blogs that I will direct you to are on these websites. For those of you who do not get the newspaper coupon inserts, these websites allow you to print some of those coupons.

Some of the websites require you to make an acount using an email address. I have an email acount that I use just for signing up for offers like this. I have not had any problems with getting mail that I did not ask for from these acounts .

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for your coupons to scan properly at the store, you must download the coupon printer onto your computer. This is very simple. When you go to any of these websites, a bar will come down at the top of your screen asking you if you want to download the coupon printer. Click on the bar and follow the instructions, it only takes a few seconds.

How Many Coupons Can You Print?Most coupons are available for you to print twice per computer. If you have multiple computers to print from, you can print more. I highly recommend working together as roomates to get the best deals using coupons and promotions.

What if I don't have a Printer?
My husband is still a student, so I go to campus and print the coupons that I need using the wireless printing and my laptop. In my experience, the school computers will not let you download the coupon printer, so if you plan to print on campus, use your laptop and the wireless printing. For those of you who are not students, don't be afraid to ask your friends and neighbors if you can use their printers. You can pay them back by giving them products you get for free using the coupons.

Questions about printing coupons? Let me know!


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