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March 6, 2010

Saturday Budget Check

Time to see how we did with our $25 a week budget!

We went to a lot of stores this week, but we did not do a lot of shopping.  The Albertsons deal was put off till next week when they have more Old Orchard juice.  :D  

I did get some free Kotex at Walmart this week.  I have decided that I am going to pay a little more attention to the coupons match ups with Walmarts every day low prices. 
See Details here
Spent: $1.78

Iceburg Lettuce
Hamburger Buns
Chicken Breasts
Spent: $9.53

Wanchai Frozen Entre
(From the Giveaway)
Spent: $.63

Copy Paper $2.97
Milk $1.67
(4) Kotex Liner $1.00
Orbit Gum 3 Pack $2.24
Used (2) $2.00 off 2 Kotex Pads (coupons.com)*
*No longer available
Use $1.00 off 1 Orbit
Spent: $4.77

Total Spent: $18.48

That leaves just over $6 to add to next weeks budget. I am hoping to get the Old Orchard juice & Dryers Ice cream at Albertsons next week. 

Our $25 a week grocery budget has been such a challenge & a blessing for us.  We are trying to save money towards our goals.  By setting up a working budget, we have created guidelines to check ourselves along the way.

Even though we are far away from our big savings goal- it is great to be able to measure our success by the small steps that we have taken- like keeping to our $25 grocery budget. These small successes help to motivate us to continue working towards our big goal.

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