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March 28, 2010

Saturday Budget Check

The Small Victories
My husband & I spent a large portion of the day looking at appartments in Idaho Falls.  We want to move closer to work to save money in gas & time in commuting.  All logic says that we should move to Idaho Falls, but it will be hard to leave Rexburg!  We have friends & family here, and we love our appartment!  It will be hard to find a replacement.

Because we spent the majority of the day driving around, I did not feel very productive- but I got free pasta!!  Sometimes you have to focus on the little victories in life.  Daniel & I will not need to buy pasta for quite some time.  That is a victory. 

Victory Two- we only went grocery shopping at one store this week! 
See Details Here

A friend & I split a basket of produce from Bountiful Baskets.  This was my first time trying it- and I was very excited.  You pay $16.50 (+$3 your first time) & get a basket full of produce.  I will have pictures and more details for you next week.  Here is what was included in our basket:

Sweet Potatoes

I am not very good at buying vegetables & planning them into our meals.  I decided that if I have vegies, I will plan them into my meals.  I am excited to see how our menu plan turns out.

Total we spent $19.36 this week.  I planned to go to Walgreens- but I was too worn out from our appartment search.  It looks like there are a lot of great deals next week at Walgreens!

It is almost the end of the Month.  Next week I will be updating you on how we are comming on our financial goals.
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