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May 10, 2010

The Road to a Debt Free Education- 40%

March & April Progress
March & April were crazy months!  We have had a lot going on.  We went on a vacation, moved, and have been without internet at home for almost a month!  I never realized how dependent we were on the internet until we did not have it.

Unfortunately, our budgeting technique also depends on the internet.  We have been very behind on our checks and balance system, but we spent a few hours last weekend getting everything caught up.  We also evaluated our new system & made some changes to improve the efficiency.

The month of April, as you probably noticed, I did not do much coupon shopping.  We used a lot of what we had & went to the store for the essentials. This month we will be doing a little re-building of our stock pile.
I am happy to report that our savings for vet school is going well.  Our original goal was to have enough to pay for a year of vet school (living and tuition).  In Feb. we revamped our savings technique to be more practical and accurate.  Our goal now is to have enough to pay for tuition & school expenses by August (not living expenses).  We now have 40% toward that goal.  We also have several extra earning ideas to help us reach it.  I will be blogging about them throughout the month!

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