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July 15, 2010


Daniel and I have really enjoyed our garden this year.  Until recently, we were just taking care of a bunch of plants and making sure that they stay green and alive looking.

This last couple of weeks we have actually seen the begining of the fruits of our labors.  Here is one of my favorites. 
It has 3 tomatoes! The biggest one is about 3" in diameter.  We are very excited for these to ripen- and for more to grow.  Last year we canned 21 pints of tomatoe sauce.  We have really enjoyed having it on hand.  We use it for pasta, pizza, and anything else that requires a red sauce.
This is our flower garden that is at one end of our vegetable garden.  I can't believe how well all of the flowers have grown.

Here is a row by row intro to our garden.  This is the Pepper & Tomatoe row. We have one bell peper that just finished blossuming and has a few tiny peppers growing.  We also have an anaheim peper that is about 1 1/2" long.

This is our Lettuce, Onions, and Carrots & a few more Tomatoe plants.  Our carrots did not come up very thick, so we will have to plant some more.  We have really enjoyed our lettuce, and hope it does not bolt while we are on vacation.  We are very excited that so many of the onions survived.  We thought that the worms were going to kill them all for sure!
This is our Broccoli, Zucchini, and Yellow Squash.  We have one small zucchini and one small yellow squash growing!  Hopefully it grows fast.
Look how well our corn is growing!  It is about 6" tall now.  Soon be a little forrest.  I hope it grows good ears- I love corn on the cob.
Below the corn are the bean plants.  They were not as succesful.  We have 7 or 8 plants that look like they will make it.  Hopefully we have enough to can some.  Green beans are not my favorite, but they are pretty easy to can, and very easy to prepare, and Daniel enjoys them.
That is our garden.  We are so glad that our manager let us dig up our yard to put it in!  We are excited for everything to start producing so that we can cook with it and share with our neighbors.

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