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August 19, 2010

My Smith's Trip!!

I went to Smith's last night to stock up on snacks, soup, and meat.  They are having a mega event- so it was a pretty intense trip.  I was proud of the results.  I paid less than $1.00 per item (35 items for $31.25) and that includes the meat!! Excluding the meat I paid closer to $.60 per item.  I am very excited to have granola bars and fruit snacks for lunches.  Here is a summary:

Total Spent: $31.25
Coupon Savings: $32.67
Fresh Value Savings: $50.77
Total Savings:$83.44!!
Of course, I would never pay full price for these items, but the total savings number still looks awesome.  I do love the fact that I saved more with coupons than I spent!  Here is a list of what I got.

Mega Event Items
These prices include a $4.00 discount for every 8 included items. (I bought 24 included items total)

Cinnamin Toast Crunch $2.99  Used $1.00/1 from Mail (came a few months ago)
  Loaded $0.55/1 e-Coupon on Shortcuts

(6) Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.49
  *Catalina* Buy 5 or more get $3.00 OYNO
    Loaded $.50/1 e-Coupon from Cellfire, and Shortcuts
    Used (3) $.50/2 Printable Coupons from Coupons, Betty Crocker, and Smart Source

(5) Nature Valley Granolla Bars $1.99
   *Catalina* Buy 5 get $3.50 OYNO
   Used two $0.50/1 Sweet & Salty Bars printables and here

   Used three $0.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Thins printable or here and here
   Loaded $0.75/2 Bars and three $0.50/1 thin e-coupon from Cellfire, Shortcuts, and Kroger

(8) Progresso Soups $1.00   *Catalina* Buy 8 get $3.00 OYNO
(My catalina actually did not print, and I was tired of dealing with the cashier so I did not push it.  Our Smith's does not have great customer service in the evenings.  I might go back and see if I can somehow get it.)
   Used (4) $0.50/2 Progresso printable and here
   Loaded $.50/1 e-Coupon from Shortcuts

(2) Betty Crocker Warm Delights $.87 (Select Varieties)
   Used (2) $0.50/1 Warm Delights printable
   Loaded $0.50/1 Cellfire e-coupon, $0.50/1 Kroger e-coupon, or $0.50/1 Shortcuts e-coupon

Pillsbury Cookies and Sweet Moments $1.99
   Used $1/1 Sweet Moment printable here or here
   Loaded $1/1 Sweet Moments e-coupon from Cellfire

Sobe $0.49
  (There is a buy one get one free coupon here that I did not use)

Non-Mega Event Items

Kroger Frozen Chicken Breasts (4 lbs) $7.96
Ground Hamburger @ 1.99/lb $3.80
Paper Towels $1.09
Kool Aid Lemmon Fiz Drops $1.99
  Used Free Coupon from Kraft First Taste
Dawn Detergent $1.49
  Used $1.00/1 from Home Made Simple
Ritz Crackerfulls $2.50
  Used Free Coupon from Kraft First Taste
Homestyle Kraft Mac & Cheese $2.99
  Used Free Coupon from Kraft First Taste
Plastic Utensils $1.49
(2) Kroger Margerine $0.65
1% Milk $1.69

Visit Saving a Bundle for a complete list of deals and coupons.  Remember that her prices vary from Idaho prices. Also Smith's does not double coupons like Kroger does.

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