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September 7, 2010

It Pays to Pay Attention

Yesterday I made a quick trip to Albertsons to use my Kraft Salad Dressing Rain Check from last week. I also grabbed some Farm Fresh Frozen Chicken Tenders because they were on sale for $5.97 for 3 lbs. (I always try to buy chicken for $2.00/lb or less).

I did two transactions so that I could use the Kraft Dressing Catalina (buy 5 get $5.00 OYNO).  The first transaction went great, I paid $5.10 for 5 Kraft Salad Dressings and received a $5.00 Catalina.  On Transaction 2 the chicken rang up at $6.99 instead of $5.97. 

Normally I might not have caught this, but I only had 1 item in the transaction.  I asked the Cashier if that was right and she called the meat department to verify.  In the end they gave me the chicken for FREE because they had charged me too much!

How did my little shopping trip turn out?
(5) Kraft Salad Dressing
3 lbs of Frozen Chicken Tenders
Total Paid: $0.10!!

I learned 2 big lessons on this trip.  First, it really pays to pay attention at check out.  Second, Albertsons can have great customer service.  I could have left the store a disgruntled customer, but I was a very happy camper!

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