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January 25, 2011

Eat Out For Less- Steak Dinner For Under $20!

Daniel and I do not eat out very often.  It is hard to justify the added expense of eating out when we are trying so hard to save money.  We occasionally splurge on Subway or a $5 pizza, but we typically stick with our menu plan and eat at home.  We make an exception for some special occasions, like our anniversary.
This year we went to Smitty's Pancake and Steak house in Idaho Falls to celebrate our anniversary.  We could have chosen to drink water, share a main dish, and skip desert to cut back on cost.  Instead, we were able to get a nicer meal for less by using a restaurant.com gift certificate.  Here is how our meal worked:

Subtotal: $35.18
Gratuity: $6.33
Tax: $.61
Used $25.00 Gift Certificate from Restaurants.com
Total: $17.12 + $2 for Gift Certificate

So we were able to enjoy a steak dinner for under $20.  If you are planning on spending money eating out, check out the gift certificates available at restaurant.com.  You can get more of a meal for less.  Each certificate has requirements you must meet to use it. 

Our Gift Certificate Requirements:
  • Spend at least $35.00 before gratuity & taxes
  • Pay 18% Gratuity
  • Valid for Dinner Only
  • Not Valid Friday or Saturday
Restaurant.com Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250
Right now you can get a $25 restaurant gift certificate for $2.00 at Restaurant.com.  Just used the coupon code MEAL at checkout.  They go on sale often for under $5- so always watch for the codes! 

If you are planning on going out for dinner for Valentine's Day, this could be a great way to get more for less!

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