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September 30, 2010

Freezing Corn

We received a few bags of corn from my parents and a few bags from another friend.  We were able to enjoy our corn as corn on the cob and freeze the corn that was given to us. 

There are a lot of different recipes for freezer corn.  You can add butter, cream, and other seasonings.  We decided to just freeze it plain and add seasonings when we eat the corn.  I plan to mostly use it in soups and other dishes this winter, so I don't need all the seasonings.  Here are instructions for what we did:

Step One- Prep
Pick & husk the corn.  Start a pot of water boiling while you are washing the corn.
Step 2- Boil
Boil corn on the cob for 10 min.  Remove from heat & let it cool.
Step Three- Cut & Bag
Cut the kernals from the cob & put them in a bowl.  Because there are only 2 of us, we put the corn in snack size bags (about 1.5 cups ea.) and then placed those bags in a larger freezer bag.
I really like taco soup.  I am planning to cook & freeze several kinds of beans.  Then I will be able to cook up some hamburger & grab a bag of corn, a bag of tomatoes, a few bags of beans from the freezer and have soup!

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