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October 9, 2010

Does Money Bring Us Happiness?

This is a topic that can be debated back and forth and have logical points on both sides.  I recently thought of a quote from the movie Cool Runnings that summarizes my feelings toward money and happiness.

"If you're not enough without it,
you'll never be enough with it." 

I believe that if we can learn to be happy with what we have & live within our means then we can always find happiness- through the good and bad financial times in our lives.

There are several couples that I look up to as financial examples in my life.  The biggest is my parents.  They have always worked hard to stay out of debt and live within their means.  Over the past few years as many families have struggled with finances due to the economy, my parents have not been nearly as affected.  Sure, things are tight, but they have learned to be grateful for what they have instead of focussing on all the things they would like to have.
It is easy to say, "when we have more money..." Instead we should try to focus on all of our blessings. Focus on what we do have and be happy- whether it be a lot or a little.  Through the meager years our family camping trip may need to be a tent in the back yard because we can't afford the gas, time off, or camping site fees- but we can have a lot of fun camping in the backyard for free!  If we are happy with a little, as our income increases and times are good, we will be able to save more and give more to others.

My conclusion is that hapiness comes from being grateful.  You can always want more- more vacation time, more money to spend on vacations, more nice clothes, a bigger house, and the list goes on.  Instead of getting into that mind frame- let's practice gratitude. 

Happiness comes from being truely grateful for the blessings the Lord has given us and being willing to give and share all that we have with others.

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