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January 29, 2011

Getting Organized- A Homemaking Binder

This month I have been working on getting more organized. I have written about two of my projects- the crates I made for baby items and re-organizing my coupons. The other project I have been working on is developing a household binder. My goal is to learn to be more productive as I transition to being a new mom and staying at home.

Parts of my Binder:
To Do List
Shopping list
Recipes- for recipes I would like to try
Craft Ideas- notes or pictures of things I would like to try
Coupons- booklets or store info that does not fit in my box
Schedule- a daily schedule
Blog- a To do list & ideas for my blog

I keep this binder on our side table.  If Daniel thinks of something we need to do this week or groceries that we need, he can add it to our list.
My binder is definitely a work in progress.  This month I put it together and I have started to use it.  It will be fun to fine tune it and add categories that will help me be more productive and more organized.  My first goal is to find ways to make my to do list and grocery lists more efficient.

Do any of you have a homemaking binder or system that works well for you?

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