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March 31, 2011

My Shopping Trip

I was finally able to use my rain check at Smith's to get free pasta.  I got 30 boxes.  20 of those are for my sisters.  I went to Smith's and Winco.  Total I spent just under $35.

At Smith's I bought pasta, lettuce, grapes, apples, sour cream(on sale for $0.98) and BBQ Sauce, and bread marked down to $0.99 and spent $10.93.

At Winco I got bannanas, yeast, soy sauce, flax seed, tortillas, milk (4 gallons to last 2 weeks), pasta sauce, and apple juice and spent $23.13.

With menu planning & using items from our pantry we were able to go 2 weeks between shopping trips.  Our plan is to continue doing that to save time and money on fuel. 


  1. Four gallons for two weeks? You guys must have some seriously strong bones! :)

    That's awesome. You'll have to teach me your awesome money-saving ways!

  2. I hope our bones are strong! I am not a huge milk drinker, but Daniel loves his milk! We bought three gallons last time (for a 2 week period) and by the end he was only allowing himself a few glasses a day and felt deprived. :D