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November 13, 2009

I made off like a Bandit... Legally

I went to Walgreens today, which is always an adventure. At first it looked like they were out of everything I wanted to get (you know, the stuff that is free after coupons and register rewards) But it turned out as an amazing trip!
Here's how it went
I bought:
(2) 5lb flour 2 for $3 w/ in add coupon
(1) Bayer Breeze Meter 14.99 sale
(3) Kleenex 1.09 ea. w/ in add coupon
(2) Theraflu 2 for $10 sale
(3) Holiday Tumblers (Fillers) 8 for $1 w/ in add coupon

Then I used a few Coupons...
-$.50/1 flour
-$14.99/1 Bayer Meter
-$0.50/3 Kleenex -Manufacturer
-$1.00/1 kleenex (x3)- Walgreens
-$2/1 Theraflu (x2) -Walgreens
-$1.5/1 Theraflu (x2) -Manufacturer

-$5 in register rewards(RR) from a previous trip
My total: $3.06 ($1.90 was tax)

Then I got $8 in RR back!! Do you know what this means?!
$5 RR+$3.06 OOP-$8RR=I paid $0.06 for all of this!

The cashier was very impressed. He handed me my RR and said, "wow, you got this all for free and then some!" I was a little embarrased. I might have looked a little bit like a bandit, hurrying from the store with 3 bags of stuff I barely paid for.

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